LATEST Book Release from Zanni Louise!

*1st March launch

You may have heard of the Australian author Zanni Louise as I've reviewed two of her books before; Archie and the Bear and Too Busy Sleeping (which is still a favourite of Miss M's - she's actually bringing it in to school for show and tell as her favourite book). Well, today on her launch day, I'd like to introduce you to a new super fun and quirky character who has just started school.

Everyone, meet Tiggy.

"Tiggy's special magic paintbrush can help her solve any problem... except sometimes her magic paintbrush creates brand new problems for Tiggy and her imagination to fix!"

Kindly gifted for the purpose of this review. 

So far there are two titles to kick off the "Tiggy" series (and they are so great I really hope there will be more to come!). I can see the kids at school becoming hooked on them!

Let's begin with A School Day Smile which takes the reader through Tiggy's first day of school (being so relevant and relatable for Miss M as she started 4 weeks ago!). Tiggy is feeling a little bit nervous, so she decides to take her magic paintbrush out of its hiding place (her sock lol) and paints a smile on her face - but this means she can't talk! Oh no! Her smile is stuck on and she cannot open her mouth. She needs to use her magic paintbrush to make it right. Of course as you'd imagine, she ends up having a really positive first day of school as she finds her confidence and makes friends. 

My favourite line in this book: "Tiggy things Miss Green should be called Miss Red because of her hair". Zanni has such a way of writing to give us an insight to how young children think quite literally about the world. 

The second book, A Pet Called Nibbles takes place on "Bring your pet to school day", which gives us the really unique perspective for a child who doesn't have a pet of their own. Tiggy begins to feel a little worried and maybe even embarrassed, but decides to use her magic paint brush (once again hidden in her sock) to create a special and exciting pet of her own. A dragon! The dragon she has painted causes a bit of trouble along the way, and Tiggy needs to use her magic paint brush again to solve the problems. As the reader is on this journey with Tiggy, we are immersed in her world with her special new pet. We can see it! But it appears that no one else in her class can, so we are left wondering if it is really real? Or is it just Tiggy's imagination? The reader can make up their own mind!

My favourite line in this book: "Tiggy doesn't know whether the dragon likes photos. But she's sure Miss Green won't want a dragon in the classroom". 

Spot on Tiggy. A teacher would not want a dragon in their classroom ;)

These books are the perfect step from traditional picture book, to a junior novel. The would be ideal for a confident reader (6-7 years old) to read independently, and they aren't too long to read aloud. One of my favourite things about the books, is the illustrations by Gillian Flint.  I absolutely love how the pictures begin in black and white and once Tiggy uses her magic paintbrush - we start to see some colour. This helps the children to identify what is real and what is magic!

I read both of the books to Miss M this week, cuddled up on the couch after school and she absolutely loved them. I'm looking forward to seeing her read them independently when she advances with her reading.

Zanni Louise you've done it again!

Read more about the author, illustrator and Tiggy books here!

Lauren xx


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