Displaying Special Family Memories

I'm sure I'm not the only mum that has absolutely stunning photos of my kids saved in folders on my computer - just waiting (begging!) to be put on display.

Photos of your kids are just so precious, and I must admit I have a few more around the house of Miss M than of Little Man - so that's why I chose this gorgeous photo of him (taken about a year ago mind you), to have printed on a canvas by CanvasChamp.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Brand Meets Blog. 

There are so many things I love about this photo. The fact that he's looking up at me and clapping his hands. The green grass, the light, and of course the fact that one of my best friends took it for me! He had just started to walk and entered a while new stage of toddlerhood. Photos and moments like this lovingly displayed in your home are such a special way to remember those significant milestones.

Look! That's me!

The print quality from CanvasChamp really does it justice, and not only this, but I noticed they're really affordable compared to some other options I've come across. Postage is quick, and they even have a promotion running at the moment where you can get a FREE 8x8 inch canvas print when you subscribe and place your first order of at least $25! Just to give you a rough idea, my print pictured here is 16x20 inch and costs $29. This link gives you all the info on how much to spend to qualify for different sized free prints. Now that I've got this print of Little Man I really should get one of Miss M to match it. It also makes me think that we are due to have some more professional family photos taken...

Another cool option I found was the split canvas - where the one photo is split over several canvases. Would make such a visually appealing feature. Although I think only certain photos would work with this option - like a landscape. They even have hexagon prints! If you're looking for something a little different to canvas, CanvasChamp also have photo boards, acrylic prints and metal prints (we actually have one of our wedding photos on a metal print. It looks so modern!).

With Father's Day approaching, photo gifts are always a good idea - you could also check out their range of calendars, mugs, photo books and pillows.

Meanwhile, with a freshly tidied toy shelf, this little guy has been happily playing with our magnatiles for ages! Trucks are still a favourite at the moment, and pictured here you can also see our new discovery bottles, puzzles and play animals. Remember, I'm always sharing regular play ideas and our favourite toys over on my Instagram page!

Lauren x


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