{Interview} Say Hello to Jo!

Jo has the most colourful, beautiful and inspiration Instagram feed and I absolutely adore her photographs. I don’t know how she does it! I first came across her via Fat Mum Slim as she makes a frequent appearance as one of the ‘fab 4’ in the photo a day challenge. And it was back in November of 2014 when she really caught my eye with her #handywallcandy theme for the entire month! (See what I mean here)

She cleverly built up her Instagram tribe (an amazing almost 16k followers!) before starting her blog Say Hello Jo. She’s worked with some fantastic brands (including Finlee and Me like me!) – with her Alphablock Book promotion.

Welcome Jo!

1. Hello Jo! (how appropriate to start our chat LOL)… Would you mind sharing some of your favourite Instagram pics?

Of course!  It was hard to choose just four but so fun looking back to choose!

Grid created by @sayhellojo and used with permission

2. How exciting that you recently worked with Target!! Tell me did they approach you or did you approach them?? (asking for a friend – by ‘friend’ I mean myself)

So exciting huh!  They approached me just before Christmas last year asking if I wanted to work with them on an influencer campaign.  I love their stuff so naturally said yes.  I’ll be working with them every month showing how to get some cool colour pops into your home for next to nothing.  It combines three of my biggest loves:  colour, shopping and bargains!  It’s been a really great collaboration and I can’t wait to share what’s happening next.

3. So Mr O your darling boy starts kindy this year? How are you both feeling about this change?

Oh my goodness.  Let’s just say only one of us was ready {and it WASN’T me!}.  I took the day off work because I knew they’d be tears and I was right {again, ME guilty as charged}.  He’s been there a month and is just loving it.  I’ve got used to it too and love seeing the change in his confidence and his love of learning.  I’m hoping to start volunteering at the school soon, and am looking forward to that.

4. What kind of activities does Mr O enjoy? (Apart from wall rocking!)

He is the best model and loves exploring with me.  These days he is so fast I have to be quick to whip my phone out to get a pic before he skedaddles!

He is obsessed with fire engines, police cars and ambulances and wants to be a fireman when he grows up.  I think we have something like 20 fire engine related toys, books, dress up costumes and props floating around the house.  We always look for them on the road and the plus side is that I know where all the extinguishers and hydrants are at our local haunts.  “Look mum!” he will often say, pointing in the direction of his latest find, normally as I push the trolley around the supermarket!

5. So you’re from Perth? We are considering a family holiday over there sometime this year… Can you give me any tips of where to take the kidlets? (Miss will be 3 by then and Mr will probably 9 months?)

Perth is very family friendly and awesome for kids.  If you want to find colour for any wall rocking, I’ve shared my faves here:

In terms of areas, Fremantle, Leederville, 140 Perth and the Perth Cultural Centre are my faves; not just for photo opps but there are so many options and areas to explore plus fantastic cafes nearby, and most often, playgrounds too.   If it’s your first time here then you must visit Kings Park – it’s a massive, elevated park right on the city’s doorstep and has sweeping views across the river and to the hills.  Families are often here picnic-ing and there’s heaps of playground options to choose from too, if you don’t want to wander through the natural gardens.

The Perth Zoo is really good and for just $5 you can feed the giraffes behind the scenes from the main public areas {Have you ever been eye to eye with a giraffe}.  The kids need to be at least 4 so this is just one for Mum and Dads but the whole area is great for little ones and it has a massive playground inside.

6. How do you take your coffee?

REGULARY!   Ha!  I have a flat white {no sugar} everyday and always order it in a takeaway cup even if I’m dining in.  It’s my little quirk, I think it just tastes better like that, plus I like to collect cool cups… see…

Grid created by @sayhellojo and used with permission

7. Highlight of 2015?

Oh gosh!  Launching the blog was fun, holidaying with the fam to the Gold Coast was awesome {we particularly loved our trip to Dreamworld} , finding time to focus on me again after coming out of the “mum” phase has also been pretty good.

8. Where to next for Say Hello Jo?

I hope 2016 will be the time when I get to focus on the blog a little more.  I have so many ideas – time is just my issue, like everyone else I guess – but I want to make that a priority this year.

We also want to holiday somewhere so would love some inspo from your readers!

Until then, the reality is that my next stop will be kindy drop off or, if you’re reading this on a Saturday, think of me saying hello to the morning vortex!

9. Favourite quote?

When nothing goes right, go left!

10. Social media links ☺


Thanks so much for your time Jo! So pleased to have you on the blog…
I always get a takeaway cup too - so much easier when you have kids!

Thank YOU for having me!  So glad to have connected with you here!

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