Daddy had a week off! This is what we got up to in RAdelaide

James (my husband and Daddy to my kids) has just had a week off... Woo hoo! Little man is 12 weeks old, and boy I tell you I was ready to have his Dad home for some extra help with these two little tikes.

So what did we get up to in RAdelaide during the past week of beautiful week of Autumn weather?

Princess Park - South Terrace

Whoever invented trampolines in the ground is a genius!

Chuck Wagon - O'Connell Street

OMG - all the deliciousness! Pulled pork nachos, yummy burgers & the most amazeballs dessert ever where Nutella is always the main ingredient... Minion toy provided to entertain Miss M.
No baby change table = make emergency trip back to the car.


Sunday morning, Mummy stays home for baby cuddles and Daddy takes Miss M on a bike ride.
Do an ENTIRE lap of the Gepps X centre and don't buy a single thing (except for a coffee)...
Miss M visits the chickens with Nanna at her aunty's place... Mummy & daddy have chillax time! Enjoying those 5 minutes when every item of clothing in the house is clean, washed and put away!

Kindigym & More Shopping

Daddy takes Miss M to Kindigym. We go to the Parafield Gardens Rec Centre.
Then - more shopping. And the best salt & pepper squid in Adelaide from Red Chilli Elizabeth.

Ben & Holly LIVE!

Catch the train to the city because - Adventure!
Fun times had by all at the Ben & Holly show (read what I had to say about it here).


Because IKEA is always a fun day out for the family! I love how they can play and explore with everything in the kids section - and they do great kids lunch packs.

Miss M Goes to Preschool

Miss M has her regular day at child care - now in the Preschool room (I'm in the process of writing a blog post as to why we still send her to child care while I'm on maternity leave). Back to the Gepps X centre to get our new outdoor setting & BBQ. So much easier to look and make those choices without a preschooler running amok in the stores.

Carrickalinga & Family Time

Carrickalinga - for beautiful beach hangs. The thing about Carrickalinga is that it is purely residential - just holiday homes and people who live there permanently. No shops, no delis, no fish and chips...just homes. It has a lovely peaceful vibe and pristine beaches. Pop to Normanville or Yankalilla for your supplies.

Easter egg hunts, time with family. Appreciating those close to us and those who matter most, missing those no longer with us.

Can you tell that Easter bunny is at the beach in this painting?


Then you blink and it's over and Daddy's back to work.
And the best part was when he said to me "I understand now how hard it is for you with the two kids." JUST WHAT I NEEDED TO HEAR!

How was your Easter??
Lauren xx


  1. OMG I so LOVE in-ground trampolines!! Such fun! They have them at the new zoo playground too. The only hard part is getting off to let the kids have a go! Will have to check out Princess Park some time. Sounds like a really fun week.

    1. Funny you should say that Beth - Miss M has been to the new zoo playground with her Nanna, not me! You definitely should try Princess Park. Next on our to-do list is Marshmellow Park - haven't been there before either!

  2. Yes for the submerged trampolines - i saw one in St kilda on hold but not in Sydney. Definitely love the sound of the pulled pork nachos. I have to admit that ikea is my parenting Achilles heel. Hubby wants to look at everything and the two girls always hit cyclone mode. Sound great. Changing the parent child ratio to 1:1 is absolute bliss!!

    1. Thanks for visiting Simone - it was such a great week. Nice to share it here on the blog and actually have people READ it! xx

  3. Sounds like a lovely week! I've had three lots of maternity leave now and always kept the older kids in child care for a whole bunch of reasons (my sanity, their sanity/stimulation, ultimate returning to work and not getting the space back, and on the list goes)! I'll be interested to read your post on that, I suspect I'll be nodding in agreement!

  4. Thanks Claire! Lots of my friends with 2 kids suggested keeping the older in child care... Have started working on the post! Will share soon x

  5. I love Adelaide. It's one of my favourite capital cities.


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