Kindness Stories

I was inspired this week by my friend Say Hello Jo as she's on a mission to spread more kindness around the world. She'd experienced some not so kind people of late and decided to share various kindness quotes with colourful walls backgrounds on social media. You can 'say hello' and request your own quote and favourite colour and she'll do one just for you - like she did for me here! (Keep reading for the direct link)...

Image used with permission - Thank Jo!

Kindness is something we talk about all the time with Miss M, and children at school. "That was a very kind thing to do" or in some cases "That wasn't a very kind thing to do". This book is a great one to introduce the concept and language to young children.

So I've been keeping notes of kind things that happen day to day, and today I'd like to share them with you.

  • When the lady at Woolies opened a check out for you while you're jiggling a crying baby, preschooler, pram, food...

  • When someone opens the door/gate for you at the child care drop off because you usually have your hands full with baby/capsule
/Miss M/keys/backpack.
  • When a family member brings you no reason flowers.
  • When a friend shouts you a coffee
  • When the lady at the coffee shop gives your preschooler a freckle.
  • When you and another mummy exchange a smile at the shops/park/wherever
 because in that moment you both totally understand each other.
  • When a blogger friend likes, comments, shares your post.

  • When your child brings you something the baby needs
  • When your hubby comes home with a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

  • When you get something in the mail other than a bill
  • When grandparents babysit (and send you photo updates!)
  • When someone tells you that you are a good mum.
When someone tells you you are doing a great job.

Visit Jo here (It's cool to be kind) to leave your own kindness quote for her to photograph on a colourful wall in Perth just for you and keep her kindness movement going.

You can also read more in my interview with Jo here if you'd like to get to know her a little better.

And just one more kindness quote to leave with you...

Just. Be. Kind.
Lauren x


  1. Lovely sentiment. Something we could all think about a bit more! What annoys me though is when you ARE kind, even if it's like letting someone in traffic or holding a door open and you get NOTHING! I know you shouldn't expect something in return but would it kill you to smile, nod, wave, ANYTHING!!?

    1. So true Beth.. When the lady at Woolies opened the check out for me I was soooo grateful, and always make a point to say 'that was so kind of you'... But you're right - a smile goes a long way. Thank YOU for being kind and always leaving me comments. Can't wait to catch up soon! xx

  2. *Update to my kindness stories...

    Today at Woolies, one worker asked the worker serving me what he'd like her to buy him for lunch. She then explained to me how he'd stayed later one night so that she could go home because she felt unwell. I then shared my story how when I was pregnant (heavily) a friend did a yard duty for me. So kind! Lovely to hear other's kindness stories. Keep them coming everyone :)

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