Fun Times had by all at Ben & Holly LIVE {Review}

I absolutely love live theatre for young kids. I think it's just such a wonderful experience. In the past we've been to see The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Play School and more recently at the Adelaide Fringe, we saw the Amazing Drumming Monkeys. All have been fabulous!

You may have read this previous post on Miss M's Ben & Holly 3rd Birthday, as it's become her newest favourite kids show! And I must admit I quite like it too (you know how there are some kids shows that you just can't stand - but others are quite sweet...). So off we went with Nanna to see Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom LIVE at the Adelaide Festival Theatre (Dunstan Playhouse).

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I really rate it when kids live performances integrate movement and interaction from the audience - it's so important because little people can't sit still for too long. In the Ben & Holly show, familiar and favourite episodes such as 'King Thistle is not well' and 'The Tooth Fairy' were integrated with brand new songs and dances to enjoy. Children were invited to run, fly, giggle, dance, sing and interact with the performance. Miss M loved pointing out where Ben was hiding, and she was so excited when the famous Gaston the ladybird made his appearance. The show has a short intermission, which is also really great for the kids to have a drink/snack/toilet break.

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Something quite unique about the characters (as you can see in the photos) is the masks they wear to make them look just like they do in the TV show. Because you can't see the performer's faces, they had to use really big actions with the rest of their bodies - which they absolutely did (Ben Elf was my favourite).

The show is off to Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle and Perth next - click here for more ticket info. Highly recommended! (Babies under 12 months do not need a ticket - I always find this good to know).

We love you Ben & Holly!
Lauren & Miss M

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  1. We're going to the Sydney show, my kids are about to explode with excitement!! Looks great :)

    1. They'll love it! Let us know on your social media how it goes :)


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