Miss M is Three {Ben & Holly Themed 3rd Birthday Party}

I wonder...

When your two year old turns three do they graduate from a toddler to a preschooler?

Or should that be a threenager? (Read my previous post all about threenagers here!)

Miss M has graduated from Peppa Pig to Ben and Holly. Hence the theme for her mini 3rd birthday party. We kept it super small and low key this year because we have Little Man, but also a big party with all the fuss is not really for her. We had a lovely family get together for her first birthday, and a big party with friends at Amalie's Play Space for her second.

Here's a little snap shot of how we celebrated this year. We tried to make her feel really special over a few days; her family party, enjoyed dad's day off together just the four of us, and a play date with a couple of friends on her actual birthday.

(I still ordered her invitations even though there were like 12 of us there)...

Shop here
And no Miss M's name is not Maddison. This is just the example invitation...

Funny story about these invites... Turns out, out of all the Etsy stores world wide, I stumble upon Antionette who is also from Adelaide and recognised me from our years at the same dance school. Crazy!! Thanks for the lovely invites Anti xox

I added this cute little rhyme to our invites. Feel free to steal :)

WOW! M___ is turning 3!
Please come over to our place for morning tea.
Sunday 6th of March is the day
From 9:30 am for a play.

Big thanks to Miss M's amazing Auntie who is our regular family cake baker!

Earlier in the week Miss M and I had painted rocks to make these little 'Gaston' ladybugs. Everyone got to take one home :)

And we hired two of these awesome trucks from the Tea Tree Gully Toy Library to entertain Miss M and her cousin. (here's the link to their full range of party hire equipment).

Finally, later this month we're off to see Ben & Holly live on stage! Will report back...

And here she is in her Princess Holly Tshirt! Her little cousin was matching dressed as Ben Elf!

Happy birthday Miss M. You amaze us every day and you have come such a long way! You are such a beautiful girl.

Love Mum + Dad xox


  1. Wow - Ben and Holly live on stage would be awesome! I think I love that show as much as my daughter does. Interestingly enough we're having a Ben and Holly party for my daughter's fourth, in a couple of weeks time. She still loves Peppa Pig as well but she decided Ben and Holly was the go. I was thinking at first she would want to be dressed up as Holly and was thinking about budgets and costumes when she told me out of the blue in the car, "I will be Fairy Strawberry, Mum, and I'll wear my red dress." Sorted! I cheated and bought the little edible cupcake designs for her cakes though...!

    1. How how lovely that you're having a Ben & Holly party for your little girl too! Sounds like you've got it under control. Can't wait to take her to the live show in a couple of weeks :)

  2. Very cute! I have to say as a side note, Ben and Holly is THE WEIRDEST SHOW EVER! Is it not? Is it just me?! Having said that, my kids like it too. #TeamIBOT

    1. Ha! LOL Haidee! Not as weird as some of the others these days - Night garden, telly tubbies, baby jake, yo gabba gabba... ?!?! Thanks for stopping by! I love linking up with IBOT :)

  3. Ben and Holly is a big favourite with my tornadoes - I must admit that I have a soft spot for it too (I appreciate the adult humour that's occasionally thrown in!). Hope your little miss had a lovely day. I love the Gaston painted rocks - what a great idea!

    1. So true Tash - there are some funny little jokes thrown in there that go over the little ones heads! She really did have a lovely party and a fab birthday! Perfectly suited to her :)

  4. Haha, I looked at the invitation and was all "I could have sworn her name was M....? Am I going mad?" Clearly not, so that's good. Looks like a lovely day! We're prepping for a low key family lunch at our's for Miss L on the public holiday Monday. Paw Patrol and Frozen are now on-trend at our place. Don't even get me started on the rapaging sexism of Paw Patrol merch being fixed largely on boys (and I don't care about shopping for her in the boy section but the stuff doesn't even have the female characters on it! And the limited girl things ONLY have the girl characters on it! GAH!!)

    1. Lol! I thought that's why the invite needed that little caption :)
      I'm not familiar with Paw Patrol - will have to check them out. But definitely agree with you about the gender stereo typing! Best wishes to Miss L for Monday xox

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