Babies Be Like {Part 2}

Today I've got another installment of "Babies be like..." thank to my fabulous Jan 2016 FB mummies group... You can read (and giggle) at part 1 here which we compiled when our babies were only 2ish months old. But these days we are in a whole new world of eating, teething, runny noses, smiles, giggles, playtime and crossing our fingers every night for a decent sleep.

  • Babies be like "I'm so tired but I refuse to close my eyes."
  • Babies be like "I want to learn to crawl but don't you dare put me down on the floor."
  • Babies be like "I'll keep you up all night and then touch your cheek to tell you I love you."
  • Babies be like "Got a busy day mum? I only want to sleep ON you."
  • Babies be like "You just put a clean nappy on me? Let me fill that up for you"
  • Babies be like "I'm hungry but I don't want you to feed me but I can't do it yet myself either"
  • Babies be like "Why do I keep rolling on my tummy? I hate it so much."
  • Babies be like "I'm so hungry! Feed me NOW... Oooh look dog!"
  • Babies be like "I'm sad, no wait, I'm happy, no wait, I'm ... "*proceeds to crylaugh*
  • Babies be like "Yay your dinner's ready, I'm going to cry so you get to eat it cold!"
  • Babies be like "I'm gonna scream the house down until you look at me, then I'll laugh at you for being fooled".
  • Babies be like "Ooh that's a nice clean top your wearing, it looks better covered in my vomit now though."
  • Babies be like "You wanna leave the room? Let me show you the call of my people" *cue crying *
  • Babies be like "I want my dummy in my mouth so I can sleep... so I'm going to grind my face back and forth against the mattress every time you put it back in my mouth and get furious at you when it smooshes into my face and falls out"
  • Babies be like "You want to get ready for work, let me scream at you all morning so you have to do everything including hair and make up with me in your arms"
  • Babies be like "Sure Mum, you can buy me all the toys you want, my favourite will still be the packet of wipes you currently need to wipe my butt."
  • Babies be like "I'm going to scream for mummy to feed me, then crack it because I want to do it myself, then cry because I can't get it in my mouth"
  • Babies be like "Mum I insist you eat your dinner one handed"
  • Babies be like "I hate the car so I'm going to scream until mum picks me up... Oh it worked she picked me up... Oh no now she's strapping me into the pram... WAAAHHHHHH!!!!"
  • Mummies be like "WHY WON'T YOU SLEEP???"

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Lauren xx


  1. Hahahaha! Yes! That all sounds scarily familiar! x

  2. Hehe yes I can relate to most of these!


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