Handy Mum & Bub Products That Will Save Your Sanity

Being a second time mum, I have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to surviving the every day with my Little Man. There are so many clever little products out there designed by mums who want to make your life that little bit easier.

Mummy Beads

If you're anything life me in the midst of #mumlife you'll probably find yourself rockin' the same jeans and black tops everyday. Forget about wearing your hair down or dangly earrings because that baby on your hip will just grab and hang on for dear life. AND we all know that babies put everything in their mouths, so if you want to at least look a little pretty with some jewellery on, these silicone + wooden bead necklaces from Indera Beads are what you need in your life! (Gifted - and yes that is baby dribble on my top #mumlife #keepingitreal)

Dummy Clips / Rusk Holders

Now back in my university days, one of our lecturers explained to us that when a baby drops and object on to the floor, that it's the beginning of learning about gravity! "If I drop this, it will fall". However this learning experience is extremely frustrating to us mums if we have to squat to the floor twenty times an hour to retrieve a dropped dummy. Same goes for teething rusks. Which ever clever mum invented dummy clips is a genius! We don't leave the house without one of these clipped on to his dribble bib.

Dribble Bibs

Mums, if I can give you one piece of advice when you're shopping for baby stuff - make sure you buy the bibs that are absorbent and will keep bub's clothes dry underneath. I've been fooled before! When they start teething - oh my the dribble runs out like water from a tap. We love these ones from Jax in the Box (I'm one of their brand reps so our bibs were gifted). Handmade with three layers of fabric (top layer - funky print, middle layer - absorbent bamboo, bottom layer - soft ployester suede to keep the moisture away from bub's clothes). Before these were in my life I was going through 10 bibs a day and could not keep up with all the washing!!

The Baby Focus

Ok so these days we all take a bazillion photos of our babies on our phones - but how hard it is to get them actually looking?? And if you have more than one kid it's even harder. Do you find yourself grabbing the nearest toy to get their attention? Enter The Baby Focus! A little rattle that clips on to the phone to grab baby's attention and lets you snap a great pic! (Such a nifty little invention - kindly gifted)

Sleeping Bags

Out of all the mummies I know, I don't think anyone uses blankets for their bubs anymore - it's all about the sleeping bags. There's no escaping their cosy warmth and they are so snuggly. Anything that helps them sleep at night is a winner in my book! (This one is from Plum, kindly gifted). 


There's a few other little gems that I couldn't live without! Linkies to attach toys to the pram, car seat or high chair are handy (because of that gravity thing). Bonds zippies because nobody should have to wrestle with ten press studs at 2am when you're changing a nappy - and the prints are so on trend. Food pouches make feeding time so easy when you're on the go (my rule is homemade at home, food pouches when we're out). And if you're anything like me, baby wipes are your standard household cleaner. Make sure there is always a packet within reach - in EVERY ROOM of your house! ;)

What's your number one handy baby product??

Lauren xx


  1. OMG - totally agree with the wipes, a pack in every room, the nappy bag, the car . . . I think I will be buying them forever. We also had a pack of terry cloth nappies for spew rags similarly positioned! Zip up onesies were saviours, press studd sleeping bags, food pouches, all totally totally agreed.

  2. Haha, yep, baby wipes for the win! Dave has said to me on numerous occasions that he is never going to stop buying them, even when the girls are adults and no longer living with us, because they are just so damn handy and clean just about anything! I couldn't have lived without the Love to Dream swaddles and LtD sleeping bags when the girls got older, they really saved us, especially with number one who wasn't a big fan of sleeping and liked to be wrapped but was a little Houdini and always got out of them. Also, old-school cloth nappies were the absolute best when the girls were very small babies. Perfect as spew clothes, they were excellent for wiping up ay messes that happened, and were handy in the car for the inevitable number three nappy breeches when the poo actually made it on to the car seat. Just line the seat with a cloth nappy and then chuck it in the wash with the car seat cover when you get home, saving one more outfit getting poo on it because you're out and can't clean the car seat properly.

  3. I have never heard of the baby focus before! What a great idea, I am constantly battling my bub to stay still long enough for the camera to focus and snap a great shot.
    Thanks for linking up to #MummyMondays.


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