The Liebster Award {but I'm changing it up a bit!}

It's been a while since my last Liebster Award (first one here and second one here) - so it was a lovely surprise when Amanda from Jelly Fish Sticks nominated me!!

The Liebster is just another way that bloggers can share the love (links = Google love) and introduce their readers to some new awesome blogs. Just like #followfriday on Instagram (which I also love and regularly participate in).

So here are my 10 random facts...

  1. I am obsessed with Greys Anatomy - when I knew (spoiler alert) they were going to kill off Dr McDreamy I actually boy cot the show (temporarily) and still can't bring myself to watch his last episode...
  2. I always have two coffees a day - the first a Nespresso at home, the second one when I'm out and about.
  3. I started my blog on the 1st of Jan 2014 - and I still think it was the BEST DAY to launch a blog. I've never missed a month without a blog post - and this year has been my busiest yet.
  4. I love being a teacher. And I love being a mum. I hope to continue being about to do both jobs to the best of my ability for years to come.
  5. I have 'time-xiety' (a word my husband invented) meaning I get anxious about being late! Even to the point where my nightmares usually involve me being late to school/work.
  6. I go to bed ridiculously early whenever I get the chance.
  7. I have a secret (not so secret) crush on Jim from The Office and Ted from HIMYM.
  8.  I'm a clumsy klutz. I regularly drop things and regularly trip over.
  9.  I've been a bridesmaid 3 times and a flower girl twice.
  10. I went on a Contiki tour to New Zealand during my single crazy days when I was 24 and had the time of my life! I even jumped out of a plane!
Yes that is me. No it is not a stock photo.


Here my answers to Amanda's questions...

What is your inspiration for blogging?

Blogging combines several of my interests in the one place - early learning, writing, photography and sharing/socialising with my community. It's also my down time, my hobby and something that brings me joy.

What is your favourite blog or Instgram Feed?

There are too many to choose from but I love a good laugh - which you can find at Eenie Meenie Miney Mum and The Thud. For all things Adelaide you can't go past Adelady. And for activities for kids I love Picklebums and You Clever Monkey.

Instagram is just so damn beautiful - Say Hello Jo and Emma Kate Co are two faves.

Share a favourite post from your own blog.

I really loved this colour mixing with play dough activity from earlier this year. Better yet it was a bit of a spontaneous activity with Miss M rather than planned and 'staged' for the blog like many of them are.

What are your plans for your next family adventure?

We have a few mini/local trips planned. Miss M and I are off to Melbourne for a girly weekend to visit a friend of mine, next is just our little family hiring a holiday house in Goolwa, and then a trip with our extended family to Carrickalinga. This is what holidays are all about for us when you have young kids! Staying local!

Where are you from?

RADelaide of course! (Known to the rest of the world as Adelaide, South Australia). It's a beautiful place to live.

How do you de-stress on your own?

See question 1: working on my blog, lap top or some other device...

Basically just being on my own is de-stressing enough for me. But I do love a trip to the hairdresser or getting a pedicure and drinking a FULL cup of coffee in peace.

Best piece of mummy advice?

Read all the books, listen to all to advice people give you, and then just go with your gut and do what feels right for you and your baby. (And read this post about how all the 'expert' baby advice in the world contradicts all the other 'expert' baby advice).

What is your favourite meal?

I love risottos and pastas. Basically anything that someone else cooks for me is a winner. And bonus points if I get to eat my entire meal without anyone crying or having to pre cut my food to eat one handed because I have a baby on my hip/lap.

Favourite thing to do with your family?

Funnily enough after my previous answer - we love going out for meals. We've got the hang of it at the moment and both kids are pretty good. We also love places like Semaphore beach where there's something for all of us to enjoy.

Favourite children's book?

There are too many to choose from! But you can't go past The Very Hungry Caterpillar and We're Going on a Bear Hunt (we are the 'Hunt' family so that one will always be a favourite).


So now I'm breaking the Liebster rules a bit here, and just asking 5 (personalised) questions to three blogger nominees. Thought it would be a bit more interesting to them, their readers and me!

5 Questions for Beth - Almost Posh

1. I know you love op-shopping! What's been your very best find? Like the best label? Or the best bargain??

2. Favourite make up product right now for those of us who are challenged in the make up department?

3. Again sticking with the theme of those of us who are challenged in the fashion department - what trends are coming up for Spring??

4. Meal + beverage you started your day with today?

5. Quote of the mo...

5 Questions for Melissa - Hugzilla

1. So let's start with your VIRAL Thermomix post because that's when I first found you 2 years ago! Honesty time - do you now own a Thermomix?? Have you been converted since you wrote that post?
Disclaimer: I'm NOT a member of the thermie club...

2. You are hilarious 'Zilla and you aren't afraid to drop the F bomb... I'm not actually sure where this question is going - but how do you do it? How did Hugzilla all come about and evolve into the 'non-mummy blog' it is today?

3. I remember some of your posts about scary/crazy children's books? Which ones do your boys actually like right now?

4. Reality TV? What's your stance?

5. Coffee or Tea? And how do you take it?

5 Questions for Kim - New Mumma Kim

1. Tell us about Mumrobe! What's it all about? (PS I really want some metallic sneakers after reading that post).

2. What do you love about living in RAdelaide? Have you always lived here?

3. Number ONE organisation tip for working mums?

4. What was the last dinner you cooked?

5. I'd love to know more about your boy! What kind of activities does he love to keep busy?

5 Questions for Bryony - Northern Aussie Mum

1. What's the best thing about living in tropical north Queensland? (I am sooo jealous of the lovely warm weather).

2. How long have you been blogging for? Care to share a favourite (or most popular) post?

3. Are you a sweet tooth or do you love savouries?

4. ULTIMATE travel destination?

5. Favourite activity to do with your boys?


So Beth, Melissa, Kim & Bryony, feel free to share 10 random facts about yourself (or not), answer my questions (or not - but please do!), and nominate a few other bloggers (or not) - totally up to you! No pressure. 

Thanks again Amanda for the nomination.
Lauren xx


  1. Thanks for the nomination! Looking forward to answering your questions. I am totally with you on timexiety. I hate being late and stress myself into a panic if I'm running behind.

  2. Dear Blogger, you are stupid and my friends can't comment!!

    So here's one from Melissa Hugzilla :)

    "Oh dear I have time-xiety too. I HATE being late with a passion! I really wish I didn't because thanks to the advent of mobile phones everyone generally runs 30 minutes late now, so extra waiting tome fo r me. Thanks for the questions and look forward to answering them"

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