That time we went to Sydney {and survived Little Man's first flight}

Hello friends!
We have just got home from our first 'family-of-four' holiday. We enjoyed 4 days in gorgeous Sydney, more specifically Darling Harbour. It was crazy busy with the kids, trying to juggle everything and keep everyone happy - but we made it and the fun times far outweighed the tantrums and grizzles ;)

There was so much fun stuff for kids to do over there that I couldn't keep it all to myself and had to share a few highlights and snapshots of our trip!

The kids are checking out the view

The First Flight

The first flight over was actually pretty good. We lucked out with a whole free row in front of us and basically felt like we were winning at life. Busy bags were a big hit as were the Jet Star kids snack/activity packs. Little Man didn't like when he had to come back on my lap with his seatbelt on for the descent though, but I guess that's to be expected

We grabbed a taxi with a baby seat and had Miss M's booster seat with us - another good move. Some people aren't sure what to do with kids/car seats when travelling - but they say if they are over 1 they don't need one. It was worth it though for our peace of mind. Little Man fell asleep on the drive to the hotel - his only half hour for the day though (normally he'll snooze for 2 hours)!.

Our Hotel

Our hotel was nothing short of amazing. We splurged (oops!) but figured that it would be useful to have a bedroom for the kids, a usable kitchen and just a nice 'home base' since we'd be spending quite a bit of time there. So we booked an apartment in the World Tower and can I just say the view was spectacular! I enjoyed having my morning coffees and evening wines overlooking that view! Miss M enjoyed daily swims and we enjoyed the spa - again with incredible views!

Sydney by night


First item on our agenda was to catch up with friends! The kids had a ball exploring the Playground at Darling Quarter, but we tried to keep them dry. I can imagine the water play area being amazing in summer. We found it made our lives so much easier when we went home in the middle of the day for Little Man to have a nap and Miss M to rest before setting out again in the afternoon to the Powerhouse Museum. We were so excited to discover the Wiggles exhibition with so many interactive activities for our little ones to do. Dinner on Sunday night was probably our favourite at the Hard Rock cafe - with their cool kids colouring in menus.

Lego building table at the Powerhouse Museum

Sorry Emma, Miss M insisted on standing right in front of you...


The Sea Life Aquarium was at the top of my to do list during our time in Sydney and it did not disappoint. Very pram friendly and again, lots for our kids to see and do. Little Man was in disbelief at the huge sharks swimming above our heads while we were in the tunnel. He just kept saying "one more", and Miss M's favourite part was spotting Nemo and Dory (well several of them actually). Oh and here's a tip for you - we ordered our tickets on line the night before which made it much quicker to get in when we arrived. Home for naps/rest again (good move) while I got to enjoy a mummy only lunch out with my bestie on her lunch break.

Sea Life Aquarium

In the afternoon we hopped on a ferry and went across the harbour to Luna Park. I wish I researched how the tickets work a bit more - I ended up getting the sampler + me as an adult to ride with Miss M, not realising several of the kiddy rides she would have to go on herself. But she and I did get to do the Ferris wheel together. We had dinner at Circular Quay - where again the view was breathtaking, just a bit hard to enjoy with our two tired kiddies.

Luna Park...

Circular Quay


Home day! But we did have time in the morning for one last outing, so we decided to check out the Maritime Museum and again we were really impressed with the kids activities. There was a cute little play space for babies, toddlers and preschoolers and some fantastic school holiday activities in the 'Kids on Deck' area. Miss M loved it and Little Man slept in the pram which was handy! We even got to enjoy the 3D movie.

Making her clay treasure bowl at 'Kids on Deck'

Lunch at Pancakes on the Rocks had the cutest kid's menu (butterfly and funny face pancakes). Not much time for shopping at Harbourside - but I figured I'd spent enough already and probably wouldn't have fit anything else in our bags!!

Back to pick up our luggage and then airport time. And this is where things went downhill - our flight delayed by almost an hour which is not ideal when you are travelling with young kids and you just want to get home!!! The travelators kept him amused for a while however he really didn't like the flight home. Ears hurting maybe? But we did our best, and I guess that's all you can do.

 It's safe to say I think that will be the last big family trip we do for a while! Well at least until he's over two and can have his own seat and is just that bit older to be kept amused with some episodes of Paw Patrol on the iPad ;)

What's your favourite thing about Sydney?
Lauren x

Not gifted or sponsored. Just sharing our adventures :)


  1. Sounds like a fab trip and glad it all went well apart from the flight home! We're off to Darwin in a couple of weeks and Miss L is looking forward to another plane trip. She also has that same pink hoodie!

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