Threenagers Say The Funniest Things

You all probably know that I hang out quite a bit in my Facebook mother's groups and they are a wealth of knowledge, inspiration and non judgemental advice (I think I got lucky with both my groups being so lovely). We also regularly share funny things are kids are saying and doing, what milestones they're reaching, what they're eating and just supporting each other in general.

My March 2013 group has helped me out with a few blog posts in the past - Funny stories from the mouths of fussy eaters, Becoming a Threenager, and over a year ago, Funny things our two year olds say. Today we've compiled a list of all the humorous, hilarious and crazy things our threenagers say.

  • "I want to make my own decisions" (complete with a stamp of the foot)
  • "Mum, Stella (the dog) is doing my nut in!"
  • She wouldn't let me throw a bunch of weeds in the bin yesterday because she wanted to cuddle them.
  • I threw a teddy hoping Miss L would catch it and she said "you hit me in my nuts!"
  • "If I watch too much TV my teeth will fall out".
  • Her thoughts on meals: "I want a sandwich for dinner. Just butter, nothing else. I WILL know if you put veggies on it!"
  • "Mum, you're 1." (I'm 31). "When you're two, daddy will buy you a new bed like mine and you can sleep in my room!"
  • After he vomited in bed: Crying, "Mummy, my food came out my mouth. I was asleep and my food said I want to come out your mouth. I said no, and my food said yes, and I said no again and my food said yes again. I opened my mouth and my food went blop bloo blop everywhere"
  • Hubby was talking to Mr 3 about my birthday and birthday cakes last week;
    • Hubby: what type of cake do you want for your birthday?
    • Mr3: ummm (seriously thinking about it)... Maybe Woody & Buzz again?
    • Hubby: what about a cake on top of a cake?
    • Mr3: whaaaat? A cake on a cake? I can't eat that much, it's too big, my belly will get sick!
  • "Mummy, I'm full for dinner but I'm not full for ice-cream"
  • Miss L had been telling me she likes 'onions' (she doesn't). Took me ages to work out it was minions 😀
  • Me: "I love spending time with you Miss C". Her: "I like spending time with daddy better than you."
  • We went to our block of land today and I said to Miss E "We're going to live here one day". She says back "I KNOW that, you tell me every. single. time!" Miss Attitude here at the moment.
  • I say to Miss M “How did you know that?” or “Who taught you that?” she replies “I just learned it myself!” They think they’re so clever!!
  • "That's not the deal."
  • "Mum you’re being impossible"
  • Miss E told me she didn't want to wear her shoes, she wanted to wear her feet instead (i.e. barefoot)
  • Mr L stopped me mid-book to explain to me why turtles have shells. I asked how he knew this, and his reply was straight out, "I'm a genius", and then told me to keep reading
  • "I'm not a baby I'm a little girl" "IM NOT A LADY I'M A LITTLE GIRL
  • Last night whilst on the toilet: "My poos are just loading!"
Any my personal favourite...
  • "Is this for squishing crickets?" (Holds up cricket bat)

Thanks March mummies for sharing your funny stories. We'll look back on all of these one day when our babies turn 18 LOL!

Lauren xx

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